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Air shipments

International airfreight transportation is the fastest and most reliable delivery method.

Air shipments minimize any external factors while guaranteeing the cargo’s intactness and prompt delivery.

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1. How are air cargo operations carried out?

Air delivery is carried out by using both cargo and passenger aircraft. Up to 60% of all air cargo transport is carried out in the baggage compartments of passenger aircraft.

2. What is needed for international air cargo delivery?

Depending upon the type of cargo (general, perishable, certain types of dangerous cargoes as well as live animals), there are different sets of accompanying documents, mandatory and additional payments. The consignor specifies the route and type of cargo, and our forwarders carry out the calculation, paperwork and booking of this transportation.

3. Are there any peculiarities in international air transportation of cargo?

Air transportation is the fastest, most reliable and convenient method of delivery. One of the main disadvantages is the high cost, however, if no other means of transport are available, the cost is not only justified but necessary to deliver the goods to the consignee as soon as possible.

4. How can I contact you?

In any way convenient for you:

– by e-mail: welcome@og.ua