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International air transportation and air freight

International airfreight transportation is the fastest and most reliable delivery method. Air shipments minimize any external factors while guaranteeing the cargo’s intactness and prompt delivery.

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01How is air freight carried out?

Air freight is carried out in several stages. First, the cargo arrives from the sender for execution of customs documentation. We pack and label it, track cargo movement and control compliance with all the contract requirements. If necessary, we can assist in drawing up the accompanying documents and taking out an insurance policy. Upon completion of transportation, we provide reports on the results of our cooperation. 

02What is needed for the international air freight?

Air freight is suitable for most goods – especially for those that need fast delivery. In order to place an order for air transportation, you shall indicate the cargo classification rating, weight, size, country of destination and other details. You need to draw up a package of documents for passing through customs control. We provide customs brokerage services to avoid delays and other problems during transportation.

03Are there any peculiarities of the international air freight?

Air freight is the fastest and safest delivery method. This type of transportation is ideal for delivery of valuables, medicines, food products and dangerous cargoes. With the help of air transportation, you can deliver cargo to hard-to-reach places where there are no roads and railways. However, this type of transportation is more expensive and requires appropriate documentation.

04How can I reach you?

To order international air freight services, you need to fill in the form on Olenich Group’s website. To do this, you shall enter the name of the cargo, its dimensions, weight and country of the consignee in the online mode. You can also call yourself on the phone number specified in the Contacts section and discuss all the delivery details. We will be happy to give answers to all your questions and quickly place an order for delivery.

  • International air transportation is the best option for delivery of valuable cargoes! It is a fast and really reliable mode of transportation that allows to transport jewelry, electronics, perishable goods, and medicines.
    Olenich Group ships any type of cargoes, assists in execution of documents for exportation and importation and easily resolves the most complicated situations. We guarantee to timely deliver any goods to their destination safe and sound!
    International air freight – fast delivery of cargoes to any corner of the world!

    Cargo transportation by plane is the most convenient and reliable mode of transportation. In this way, the cargo is delivered much faster than by motor, railway or sea transport. Speed ​​and safety are the main advantages of air transportation!

    Olenich Group provides logistics services for delivery of cargo by charter and intermodal (multimodal) transport. We ship groupage cargoes, hazardous and perishable goods, provide warehouse logistics, including acceptance, handling, storage and distribution of goods in Ukraine and abroad. We deliver the cargo to the airport, execute the relevant documents and airload the cargo.

    First, the goods arrives from the sender’s warehouse for execution of customs documentation. We pack and label the cargo, track its movement, control compliance with all the requirements, in particular, with the delivery timelines. We help to draw up the accompanying documents and cargo insurance at the leading insurance companies. After air transportation is over, the cargo undergoes customs clearance and is sent to the consignee.
    Olenich Group delivers cargo by air to any country in the world! One of the most popular directions is the delivery of goods from China. We help to quickly receive cargo even from the uttermost corners of the world, we cooperate with reliable foreign partners, that’s why we can guarantee safe transportation even for bulky and combined cargoes.

  • Main types of cargoes delivered by means of air transportation
    It is important for us to know the type of cargo, its weight and transportation peculiarities in order to form the optimal route and the appropriate packaging for safe delivery.

    It is advisable to choose international air transportation for delivery of valuable cargoes such as documents, jewelry and pieces of art. This method is often used to transport medicines, electronics and cargoes within loading gage. In addition to that, air freight is the best way to deliver perishable goods. No other transport facility will be able to move cargo from one continent to another just within 2–3 days, that’s why air transportation is the only right choice for medicines and food products!

    The airplane is the safest mode of transport. The probability of getting into a car accident on the road is thousands of times greater than the probability of troubles during air transportation. That is why the delivery of dangerous cargoes by air service is the best choice.
    Competitive international air transportation by Olenich Group

    Cargo delivery by air has a vast number of advantages including:

    • delivery to any corner of the world – an extensive network of airports and a highly developed infrastructure enable cargo transportation to any country as well as domestic carriage;
    • high speed of delivery – air freight significantly reduces delivery time. There are practically no delays during air transportation – commercial flights depart regularly, and if a flight is delayed, the cargo will be sent by another airplane;
    • low cost of insurance – insurance costs much less, as transportation by air is much faster than by a sea vessel or a motor vehicle;
    • options for of self-tracking of cargo – most airlines allow their clients to track cargo movement from the moment of departure up to arrival at its place of destination.

    International air freight is the best choice when you need to deliver cargo within a limited time period, but this option is not cheap. In order to reduce the cost of delivery, you can choose combined transportation, for example, air delivery of goods to one of the European countries and its further transportation to Ukraine by truck. The cost is also influenced by cargo classification rating, size and weight, as well as the country of origin.

    Air transportation is in the first place among all the types of cargo delivery. It is a safe and fast mode enabling transportation of goods to any corner of the world within just a few days. It is the best choice when you need to deliver goods from one continent to another without involving several modes of transport at once.

    Olenich Group provides logistics services and accompanying support at every stage of transportation. We control cargo loading and movement, provide regular reports and give assistance in taking out an insurance policy and drawing up the accompanying documents. We will let you not worry about the safety of your cargo, delivery time or possible troubles on its way!