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Delivery by truck

Selecting a method of delivery that suits the customer’s needs is our priority. Door-to-door cargo delivery is much faster than container delivery, we are happy to offer a service of direct cargo carriage by road (full truckload (FTL) / less-than-truckload (LTL)), throughout Ukraine and in mainland Europe and Asia.

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1. How is the road transportation of cargoes carried out?

Road transportation consists of receiving cargo from consignor, loading, transporting, unloading and transferring the cargo to consignee. Moreover, each of the stages may include additional transportation and processing operations related to the peculiarities of road transportation, depending on the type and particulars of cargo, transportation and unloading facilities, arrangements and methods of organization.

2. What do you need for international road transportation?

The shipper provides us with all the information about the cargo, from that point the carrier determines the appropriate permits, the required number of vehicles and capacities, draws up the best possible schedule and route of movement, coordinates the transportation with the shipper and determines the cost of this service.

3. Are there any peculiarities in international road transportation of cargoes?

International road transportation is a universal and mobile way of delivering any consignments and types of cargo to any place in the world where there is a road. Perishable, oversized, dangerous, liquid, Less than Truck Loads, general, inconvenient for transshipment, etc.

The main advantages are affordable tariffs, speed and safety assembled shipments.

4. How can I contact you?

In any way convenient for you:

– by e-mail: welcome@og.ua