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Instant calculation of delivery from China


01How to calculate the cost of delivery from China?

It will be most convenient to make calculation of delivery cost from China on our website using Cargo App calculator. To do this, it is enough to enter information about the cargo: indicate the name of the goods, weight in kilograms, choose the shipping method – either a full container or transportation of groupage cargoes. You also need to specify a port in China and select one of the Ukrainian ports - Odesa, Chernomorsk or Yuzhniy.

02What is delivery calculator?

The delivery calculator from China is an online calculator that helps you quickly calculate the shipping costs. After entering the basic information about the cargo (name, weight, route and shipping method), you can determine the cost of goods delivery from China with maximum accuracy. This is a convenient and easy method of calculation that enables you to quickly determine the amount of transportation costs and the profit from ordering the goods.

03How quickly can I calculate delivery cost from China?

The online Cargo App calculator on Olenich Group’s website can help you quickly determine the delivery cost. To do this, one needn’t to wait for the manager's call and enter in a huge amount of data. It is enough to indicate the name and weight of the goods, port of departure and place of destination. Calculation of the transportation cost is performed instantly - just wait a few seconds.

04How can I reach you?

To order delivery throughout Ukraine and international shipping services, in particular, delivery from China, you can fill in an online form on Olenich Group’s website. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss all the details. You can also contact our company by yourself on the phone numbers listed in the Contacts section. You can order transportation online, wherever you were.

  • Cargo App delivery calculator from China is the best assistant for determining the price for goods! Every day, millions of people order office supplies, electronics and equipment from Chinese websites. The low price allows not only to save money, but also to develop your business. Therefore, the cargo delivery from China is more popular than ever!

    To get an instant calculation of the transportation cost, use the calculator on Olenich Group website!

    Cargo App – instant calculation of delivery cost from China!

    Worldwide famous stores in the PR China offer a huge number of unique products at affordable prices. Sometimes their price is several times lower than the one in the domestic market. Orders for Chinese goods are growing every year, so there arises a demand for fast and high-quality delivery. 

    Olenich Group offers cargo delivery from China on the most favorable terms! We ship any goods ranging from toys to medical and industrial equipment. It will be helpful to use Cargo App delivery calculator from China to calculate the cost of delivery as it will allow you to understand how expensive the delivery will be and whether it is profitable to order imported goods.

    Calculation of delivery from China is especially important for Ukrainian entrepreneurs who purchase goods in the Celestial Empire for resale in the domestic market. This will enable you to stick to a certain budget and not to exceed it. Cargo App delivery calculator from China determines prices as close to the real ones as possible.

    In order to make calculation of delivery cost from China on Olenich Group’s website, you shall go to the Cargo App section, where the cost calculator is located. You will have to enter the following information about the goods in the appropriate fields:

    • specify the name of the port in China and choose one of the three ports in Ukraine: Odesa, Yuzhniy or Chernomorsk;
    • choose the container type for the cargo to be shipped: 20ft, 40ft or LCL shipments;
    • indicate the weight of the cargo in kilograms;
    • check the box if you want to ship dangerous goods. 

    Such calculation of delivery from China takes only a few seconds. For more detailed information, you can call on the phone numbers listed in the Contacts section.

  • How to choose an advantageous delivery method

    Olenich Group delivers goods from China by sea. This is one of the safest and cheapest mode of transportation. We deliver goods from the PRC ports to one of the three ports in the south of Ukraine. The cargo is loaded into a container and sealed. Strong metal walls of the container protect the goods from damage and external influences. This technology allows to ship goods of any size.

    We work using two delivery options:

    • FCL (Full container load) – an individual container is rented for delivery; 
    • LCL (Less Container Load) – transportation of groupage cargoes from several customers.

    The second option is optimal for small parcels, when you do not need to pay for the entire container. After performing an instant calculation of delivery cost from China in Cargo App, you can compare the delivery costs and determine the best shipping option.

    The duration of delivery with sea container shipping is 30–55 days, depending on the route.

    What determines the cost of cargo delivery from China

    There is no exact price for delivery from China, as everything depends on the situation: the type of cargo, size and weight, the chosen delivery method, as well as the route and number of ports the ship calls at. 

    Olenich Group transports goods from the PRC using container shipping by sea vessels. This is a low-budget option, so you don’t have to worry about high shipping costs. We will develop the optimal route that will let you save on delivery, we ship goods only by regular, proven routes, which guarantees safety of the goods and its prompt delivery.

    The cost of each shipment is determined individually, based on the peculiarities of the cargo. International shipments include duties and other customs charges, the amount of which differs depending on the goods. For a quick calculation, it will be helpful to use the delivery calculator from China on our website.

    When choosing international shipments with Olenich Group, you get fast and high-quality delivery from China. We ship goods by sea along the proven routes, therefore we guarantee absolute safety of the cargo. You can order the delivery of any goods, as the container may accommodate both small-sized and large-sized cargoes. We quickly respond to any changes in the conditions and unforeseen situations, therefore we can easily fulfill the most complicated orders. In order to save time, we offer to make instant calculations of the delivery cost using the delivery calculator from China. It will help you to estimate the amount of transportation costs and determine the benefits of ordering the goods.