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Container shipping via Ukrainian ports

Our company specializes in organizing international container transportation via Ukrainian ports. In combination with container transportation, we organize international transportation of cargoes by road, by rail in open freight cars or on flatcars, transloading of cargoes between these modes of transport and containers, and provide the full range of ancillary services.

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01How can I order container shipping?

Olenich Group is specialized in container shipping of various types of cargoes around the world. It is an inexpensive way to deliver large-sized cargoes and goods that require special conditions of transportation. One can easily order container shipping on the company's website. It is enough to fill in the form, specifying the name of the cargo, its weight and destination. The manager will contact you and choose the best route. You can also call on the specified phone number by yourself.

02How is international container shipping carried out?

Container shipping is carried out in several stages. First, we prepare the goods for loading, develop the optimal route and draw up the appropriate documents. We select a container according to the transportation requirements. After loading, the container is sealed, and the integrity of the seal will be checked at the place of destination. The appropriate shipping arrangement guarantees safe and fast delivery.

03Where do you perform container shipping from and to?

We are specialize in freight shipping to any corner of the planet. We are engaged in importation and exportation of goods, we help to execute the relevant documents. You can order delivery from Europe and Asia, as well as ship goods from Ukraine. You can order the full container (FCL) for transportation of large-sized cargoes, and a place in the container (LCL) for small-sized parcels. Fill in the form on our website, and we will select the best option for you!

04Does container shipping pass through the Ukrainian ports?

Olenich Group carries out international transportation of combined and groupage cargoes in containers of various types. We transport large-sized and small-sized cargoes to any port in the world. In Ukraine, overseas transportation is carried out through three ports in the south of the country - Odesa, Yuzhniy and Chornomorsk. The well-developed infrastructure and the use of the innovation technologies enables continuous monitoring of the movement of containers.

05How long does it take to ship the containers by sea?

Container freight shipping by sea takes from 7 to 60 days. Everything depends on the country of origin and place of destination. We develop the best route, which enables prompt delivery of goods to any corner of the world. It takes a lot of time to execute the accompanying documents, so we provide the customs brokerage services to make the cargo customs clearance easy and delay-free.
  • Container shipping is one of the most efficient and affordable ways of transportation for small-size and large-size cargoes. It enables prompt and safe delivery of goods to any corner of the world. Delivery from Asia and Europe is most commonly carried out by means of container shipping. In this way the sender and the consignee can significantly save time and money on solution to other important issues.

    Olenich Group offers logistics services including development of the optimal route, shipping arrangement and customs brokerage services for execution of the necessary documentation and handling of the most difficult situations.

    International container shipping – fast delivery of any cargo!

    Freight shipping using containers is one of the safest and most inexpensive ways of transportation. This delivery method allows you to transport large-sized and small-sized cargoes to any country. The sender and the consignee are fully confident that the cargo will be delivered to its destination without delay or hindrance. This is why container shipping is so popular.

    Olenich Group provides international freight shipping of both combined and groupage cargoes in containers of various types. We arrange delivery of goods to any port in the world. Overseas transportation is carried out through three Ukrainian ports – Odesa, Yuzhniy and Chornomorsk. A highly developed infrastructure enables continuous monitoring of the movement of containers.

    Transportation includes several stages. In the first place we develop the optimal route for the exportation of goods or their delivery from Europe and Asia. Container shipping is carried out on regular proven routes, that’s why we shall plan a route with the maximum accuracy and can easily foresee all the potential situations. We choose the required type of container and transfer it for further loading. We control loading, handling and unloading at the port of destination.

    For the delivery of a small parcel, we offer a groupage cargo transportation service where several similar groups of goods are transported in one container. In this way you can significantly save money.

    Olenich Group considers safety to be one of the most important aspects required for international cargo transportation. Before shipping, the cargo is to be carefully inspected and prepared for transportation: packed to prevent deformation, damage or overheating. Being contained in a metal structure with strong walls, commodities and materials are completely protected from damage and any other exposure. After loading the goods, all the containers are sealed, and upon arrival they are checked for the integrity of the seals.

    International freight shipping and delivery from Europe and Asia require execution of a great number of documents. It is sometimes very difficult to understand the intricacies of document execution and legal issues on your own. We help to prepare all the documents for freight shipping across the border – customs clearance of imports, exports and transit. That is why we will make it as convenient as possible for you!

  • Choosing a container for international freight shipping
    A shipping container is a reliable structure enabling transportation of goods by different transport modes without damage. They differ in design, weight and carrying capacity. Most often, the structures used are the ones that can withstand up to 3-5 tons. Bulky cargoes are shipped in 40-foot containers (1 foot is equal to 0,3048 meters), and small-sized ones are in 20-foot containers.
    For cargoes that need certain temperature conditions, we use refrigerator containers. If we need to load the goods from above, we use containers with a tented roof. We also choose special tank containers for transportation of liquid and gaseous substances.
    Olenich Group – cost-efficient container shipping!
    Properly organized international cargo transportation will allow to spread your business and expand into a new market. With the aid of container shipping, one can deliver any product to the uttermost regions! Due to the high loading capacity such structures are good for transportation of both bulky and small parcels as the strong frame will reliably protect the goods.
    All the containers meet the international standards, therefore they are suitable for different means of transportation – railway, motor or sea. The container can be easily reloaded from one type of transport to another, therefore the cargo can be simultaneously transported by different transport modes.
    The price for container shipping is considered to be quite low compared to other delivery types, and for greater convenience, we use two delivery systems:

    FCL (Full Container Loading) – full container loading;
    LCL (Less Than Container Load) – transportation of groupage cargoes of a similar configuration.

    Choosing the first option, the customer can dispose of the container space without limitation. The shipment is delivered to only one consignee. The second method involves loading the container with parcels from different customers, which are shipped under one and the same document. The cost of such shipping is much lower.
    Today, the international cargo transportation in containers is the most cost-efficient method of delivery. High loading capacity and reliability of the structure enables transportation of goods without any risk of damage, and the stamped seal on the container guarantees preservation of its contents. In addition to that, there is no need to lease out storage facilities for large-sized goods. The delivery can be made by different transportation modes as a container can be easily transferred from a sea vessel to a motor vehicle.
    Olenich Group offers logistics services for delivery of various types of goods. We also ship goods that require special conditions, compliance with the temperature regime, as well as liquid bulk cargoes. We select special containers and develop the best route that will save time and money for the both parties. For quick border crossing, we help with execution of documentation and provide customs brokerage services.