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Liquid bulk cargoes transportation

We offer an efficient method of transporting liquid bulk cargoes in tank containers, which allows to reduce the commodity’s price and eliminate the commodity receptacle, filling, discharging and utilization costs, and which is compliant with strict international environmental standards. Thanks to our aggressive, customer-oriented policy and an extensive agency network, we will offer you the most optimal solution for transportation of liquid bulk cargoes to any place in the world.

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01What is liquid bulk cargoes?

Liquid bulk cargoes are a substances that require special conditions of transportation. They include petroleum and petroleum products, liquefied gases and food products such as oil, milk, etc. For transportation of such cargoes, Olenich Group uses tank containers, which are strong metal tanks of a standard size, allowing to ship fluid cargoes on any type of transport. This method of delivery lets you reduce costs and time for transportation.

02Who carries out the liquid bulk cargoes transportation?

Olenich Group ships liquid bulk cargoes throughout Ukraine and anywhere in the world. We use motor, sea and air vehicles for this. Motor transport can quickly deliver cargo to the mainland of Europe and Asia, and sea and air transport can deliver it to the uttermost corners of the world. We develop optimal transportation routes and continuously monitor cargo movement, that’s why you can be sure of the safety of delivery.

03What are the peculiarities of liquid bulk cargoes transportation?

Liquid bulk cargo transportation is a specific and time-consuming process that requires special preparation. It requires application of special containers, such as tank cisterns and tank containers. We use individual containers for each type of cargo, and preliminary check them for cleanliness. International transportation requires the appropriate permits, certificates and accompanying documents, and our customs broker will help you to obtain them.

04How can I reach you?

To order delivery of liquid bulk cargo, you need to fill in an form on our website or call on the specified phone number. To fill in the form, you need to enter data on all the peculiarities of the cargo - name, weight and all additional information. It is also necessary to specify the place of departure and destination of the cargo. We will contact you as soon as possible and agree upon all the details.

  • Liquid bulk cargoes transportation in tank containers from Olenich Group is the best solution for delivery of substances! 

    We use proven transportation methods, which saves money and reduces the final cost of the product. There is no need to include the cost of packaging, loading and unloading of liquid bulk cargoes, as well as disposal. 

    Such a process shall meet the strict international environmental standards, that’s why it can cause certain difficulties. Tank containers have standard dimensions and can be easily transported by any mode of transport – sea, motor and air transport. You will not have to pour the substance into a new container every time – it is not very convenient. We deliver any liquid bulk cargoes – both chemical and food ones, and we fulfill even the most complicated orders!

    Safe liquid bulk cargoes transportation using tank containers

    Liquid bulk or fluid cargoes are a special type of cargoes that requires a special container for transportation, such as a tank cistern or tank container. Liquid bulk cargoes are divided into food and chemical ones. The first type includes vegetable oil, milk, alcohol and other substances. The second type includes petroleum, petroleum products and liquefied gases. Olenich Group transports such cargo in specialized tank containers by sea, motor and air transport. 

    A classic tank container looks like a rigid metal tank cistern with an elliptical bottom, fixed in a steel frame. It reliably protects the cargo from damage during loading or transportation. 

    Fluid cargoes transportation cargo using a tank container is completely safe, since the interiors are treated with special solutions before storing substances and liquefied gases. Covered with a heat-insulating layer and equipped with a refrigeration unit, the tank container allows to transport substances that require special temperature conditions. Food containers are made of stainless steel, which protects them from corrosion.

    The dimensions correspond to the international standards, so that the tank container could be easily attached at any type of transport. It is a suitable container for intermodal transportation, including reloading from one vehicle to another. 

  • How is liquid bulk cargo transportation carried out?

    Transportation of liquid bulk cargo is quite a laborious process, which consists of several stages. First, we help you select the shipping method and work out the best route for fast delivery.

    Olenich Group transports liquid bulk cargoes both throughout Ukraine and abroad. We arrange a full cycle of liquid bulk cargoes transportation – from loading the substance to its unloading at the place of destination. We track cargo movement using the latest technologies, such as GPS navigation. We provide regular reports on the success of cooperation. 

    Each type of cargo demands individual tank containers. For example, crude oil and petrol cannot be transported in the same type of tanks. We take a responsible approach to organization of each individual liquid bulk cargoes transportation and take into account all these nuances.

    We will help you to transport any cargo – petroleum, petroleum products, chemicals and food products. All the tank containers are cleaned and treated after each order, which is proved by the relevant certificates. The documents are issued only after a laboratory check of the container for the absence of foreign substances, so you should not worry that the cargo will be damaged or adulterated. We guarantee high quality delivery and adhere to the established transportation standards.

    We provide customs brokerage services for international fluid cargoes transportation: we help with execution of documents for cargo export/import, obtaining permits and certificates, we calculate customs charges and find the ways to save on delivery. We help to obtain cargo insurance at the best insurance companies of Ukraine and the world, such as Ingo Ukraine and TT Club. Thanks to insurance, you will not worry about the safety of your cargo and timeliness of the delivery, and in case of unforeseen situations, you will receive compensation.

    Olenich Group will help to transport any type of liquid bulk cargo. We deliver food and hazardous substances to any corner of the world. We use the latest transportation equipment and continuously monitor cargo movement. We help to draw up documents for exportation and importation of goods, as well as to obtain insurance. We understand the value of liquid bulk cargoes, therefore we take a responsible approach to their loading and unloading, that is why fluid cargo transportation with us will be easy and delay-free. In order to ensure you of the efficiency of our cooperation, we provide regular reports.