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Cargo insurance for the international transportation

We insure your cargo with some of the world’s best insurance companies, including INGO Ukraine and TT Club. For a calculation of insurance premium amount, contact our specialist and rest assured that your cargo will be safe.

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01How to obtain cargo insurance for the international transportation?

In order to obtain cargo insurance, you need to contact our company. We will give consultations on all the nuances of insurance. In order to take out an insurance policy, you will have to provide personal data, information about the cargo and determine the mode of transportation, and then sign an insurance contract. The contract determines the amount of the insurance contribution, the amount and the period of repayment, as well as the conditions for occurrence of the insured event.

02What are the peculiarities of cargo insurance for the international transportation?

Сargo insurance for the international transportation is mandatory in many cases. This protects the cargo from unpredictable situations in any country through which it is shipped. The insurance shall comply with international standards and clearly define the conditions for occurrence of the insured event and payouts. Insurance has some nuances, so you can fill in the form on our website or contact Olenich Group by phone to get a detailed consultation. 

03Where can I obtain cargo insurance in Kyiv?

In order to insure the cargo, you need to contact Olenich Group. Fill in the form on the company's website, indicate your contact information, and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can take out insurance online at any time, wherever you are. We work with the best insurance companies in Ukraine and the world - Ingo Ukraine and TT Club and help insure any type of goods.

04What are the types of cargo insurance for transportation?

In general, the types of insurance are divided into three groups. </br>Group A "With responsibility for all the risks" - the owner of the property receives compensation for damage or loss of cargo under any circumstances determined by the contract. </br>Group B "With particular average" - allows to receive compensation in case of natural disasters, road traffic accidents, loss of a vehicle, etc.</br> Group C "Free of particular average" – repayment is possible only in case of wreckage, for example, for example, a shipwreck.  

  • Cargo insurance is a compulsory element in the organization of international shipment. During cargo transportation there may arise various unpredictable circumstances that lead to damage and loss of property, such as natural disasters, strikes or military activities.

    Providing logistics services, Olenich Group calculates all the possible risks, however, there may be force majeure circumstances that cannot be controlled. Thus, we recommend to insure your cargo so that not to worry about its safety. We will help you to obtain insurance at the best insurance companies in the international market!

    Why do you need to insure cargo for international shipment

    Cargo insurance is signing of a contract with an insurance company about compensation repayment in case of occurrence of the insured event, for example, when the goods is damaged or lost. Thus, the risks during transportation are transferred from the owner of the goods or the carrier to the insurance company. The contract can be concluded both by the cargo carrier and the cargo owner. It sets up the insurance terms and the amount of financial compensation in details.

    Olenich Group provides logistics services, including arrangement of cargo transportation across Europe and Asia, as well as delivery within the territory of Ukraine, assists in collection and execution of the accompanying documents and consults on transportation issues. We work promptly and efficiently, we take into account all the possible risks, however, the occurrence of force majeure circumstances should still be taken into consideration. It is necessary to take a responsible approach to protection of goods and effect cargo insurance!

    During transportation, there may arise circumstances that will lead to cargo damage or breakdown:

    • natural disasters: floods, earthquakes, snow avalanches, etc.;
    • transportation in the area of ​​anti-terrorist operations and in the territories of military activities;
    • strikes, terrorist incidents and civil disturbances;
    • introduction of new conditions and documents that change the rules for cargo transportation in the territory of a certain country;
    • inability to deliver the goods in time or its loss as a result of technical malfunctions of the vehicle.

    Cargo insurance for the international transportation will allow you to prevent and avoid such situations, simply by concluding a contract.

  • Types of cargo insurance by Olenich Group

    We offer to insure cargo at the best insurance companies of Ukraine and the world – Ingo Ukraine and TT Club. You can choose one of three insurance options: A, B, C.

    Group A “With responsibility for all the risks” – compensation for damage and loss of property under any circumstances: road traffic accident, theft, robbery, etc.
    Group B “With particular average” – compensation is paid in case of a particular average loss as a result of natural disasters, road traffic accidents, explosions, loss of a vehicle and other accidents during cargo transportation.
    Group C “Free of particular average” – property insurance only against wreckage, for example, a shipwreck.

    Group B and C are very similar to each other. Based on these agreements, one can effect cargo insurance during transportation by any mode of transport. The compensation amount will allow you to fully or partially cover the losses, in accordance with the terms specified in the contract.

    How to execute a contract of cargo insurance for the international transportation
    Within the framework of the contract, the insurance company and the cargo owner determine all the insurance terms: insured events, the amount and conditions for insurance payout. After signing the contract, the company assumes an obligation to repay a certain amount of funds in return for payment of the insurance contribution by the insurant.

    The contract shall include information about the property owner and the insurer, and a detailed description of the cargo to be shipped. It is necessary to determine all the conditions for occurrence of the insured event, the amount of compensation, the amount of insurance contribution and the time of its payment, as well as the validity period of the contract. The procedure for amendment or termination of the contract shall also be determined. The both parties endorse the document by signatures.
    The cost of cargo insurance depends on the type of cargo and the type of transportation – air, motor, rail or sea. The tariff rate is calculated as a percentage of the insured amount. The amount of the insurance payout is equal to the value of the property, approved by the contract. The value may include customs fees and freight charges. The insured amount is determined based on the shipping documents and the application of the property owner. The amount can be increased by the amount of the expected profit upon a mutual agreement of the both parties of the contract.

    Olenich Group is very scrupulous about arrangement of shipment, continuously tracks cargo movement and takes into account all the possible risks. We are keen to have every shipment delivered in time and make you satisfied with our cooperation. However, there are risks when the property may be damaged due to circumstances that cannot be controlled, therefore we will help you to take out cargo insurance for the international transportation and explain to you all the nuances of transportation so that you would not worry about the safety of your cargo!