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We can insure your cargo with some of the world’s best insurance companies, including INGO Ukraine and TT Club. For a calculation of insurance premium amount, contact our specialist and rest assured that your cargo will be safe.

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1. How can I arrange for cargo insurance for international transportation?

When executing the insurance policy, the parties proceed from the current legislation. The cargo is accepted for insurance cover in the amount declared by the policy holder. It should not exceed the cost specified in the shipping documents. The application to conclude the insurance policy contains the following information about the transported cargo:

- its name, type of packaging, number of pieces and weight;
- type of transport; method of dispatching;
- numbers and dates of shipping documents;
- itinerary (points of departure, transhipment and destination);
- insurance coverage (usually this is the cost of the cargo);
- insurance terms and conditions.

2. What are the peculiarities of cargo insurance for international transportation?

Cargo insurance is carried out in order to exclude or minimize losses due to damage or loss of commodities and materials. One can insure any cargo allowed for transportation, regardless of the type of transportation and its geography.

3. Where can I draw up cargo insurance in Odesa?

You can draw up insurance right at our office at 8, Otradna Street.

4. What are the types of cargo insurance during transportation?

There are two main types of insurance issued for international transportation – cargo insurance and carrier liability insurance. In the first type, the interests of the cargo owner are protected; the second type implies coverage of the risks related to the fulfilment by the carrier of its contractual obligations to the client.

The terms and conditions as well as the amounts of insurance are agreed upon individually. Based on the regulations of international law, the London Insurers Institute Clauses are applied.